Landmark Protection now offers Active Killer Survival Training (AKST).

Active killer situations are a real possibility for anyone, anywhere!  Schools & Churches have even been specifically targeted and public spaces like malls and theaters as they are all vulnerable, "soft" targets.  Most American's don't know what they would do in that situation, this training can change that.

The training takes anyone, young or old and in half a day, teaches them their options to turn a bad situation into a victory, giving them confidence that they could make a critical difference.

You don't fear the unknown when you know how to tackle it, MacGyver style!


AKST incorporates the founding principles that inspired other leading training programs such as ALICE from Response Options, CRASE Training from ALERRT, Run Hide Fight from The Department of Homeland Security, and others.  This training is for every person regardless of age or ability.  When you leave, you will feel empowered and confident, not anxious and afraid.

Any group size is possible, per training equipment and resources, the most efficient group size is 35.

Length is usually 6 hours.

Cost starts at $150 pending additional fees such as travel and lodging.

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