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ACLDN Monthly Journal: An Interview with James Fleming

Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network: Monthly Journal An Interview with James Fleming by Gila Hayes Introduction: Court admissible evidence has taken center stage in many of this publication’s Attorney Question columns. One question not addressed in print often comes up … Continued

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Landmark launches new training to “Resist Evil”

In the wake of recent tragic events, Landmark Protection is holding community workshops around Arizona and New Mexico to help Churches learn ways they can secure their ministries to operate in peace without fear of violence. We call this “Resisting … Continued

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Coffee, the fuel of Insurance!

Many don’t know that coffee played a huge role in the development of the modern world.  It’s said that during the crusades, the British and French marveled at the Saracen warriors and their ability to push beyond their limits in … Continued

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Why the Church needs ALICE

The church is facing a new kind of intrusion to our houses of worship.  Violence has made its way inside sacred walls.  Actually, the threat has always been there, but we’ve been sheltered from it partly because our society reserved … Continued

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Coming Soon!

We’re just getting started!  We’ve got some great content coming soon!

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