Landmark launches new training to “Resist Evil”

In the wake of recent tragic events, Landmark Protection is holding community workshops around Arizona and New Mexico to help Churches learn ways they can secure their ministries to operate in peace without fear of violence.

We call this “Resisting Evil to Minister the Gospel”

Learn how to assess your exposures to violence. Learn how to set a guard to better handle a threat before it reaches the congregation. Learn principles of de-escalation. Learn about response options if a violent event occurs in your congregation. Learn from local law enforcement about what to expect from a violent event. Learn from paramedics about how to help people survive a violent event.

This workshop would include handouts for each person to use when creating a team and principles to plan for your specific Church needs. In addition, we bring in your local Law Enforcement and EMS to participate as well as other existing church teams so we can work together as a community to coordinate and network our knowledge & resources.

The cost $20 per person. (Includes dinner and materials)

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