Coffee, the fuel of Insurance!

Many don’t know that coffee played a huge role in the development of the modern world.  It’s said that during the crusades, the British and French marveled at the Saracen warriors and their ability to push beyond their limits in battle, needing less sleep and fighting longer than their enemies, they were practically inhuman!  Then they discovered the great and powerful ‘Bean Juice’!  This potion gave it’s host magical powers to hear colors and taste sounds!  Once, Chuck Norris was given a cup of coffee and he ran a 26 mile marathon with under a 4 minute per mile pace…then he drank it  : )

Since the glorious “Bean” has been credited with human successes far beyond mortal ability such as the great wonders of the world and the Inter-web, it shouldn’t surprise you that coffee played a significant role in insurance, specifically Lloyds of London.

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