Why the Church needs ALICE

The church is facing a new kind of intrusion to our houses of worship.  Violence has made its way inside sacred walls.  Actually, the threat has always been there, but we’ve been sheltered from it partly because our society reserved houses of worship as “off limits” or “safe spaces”.  That’s all gone now.  The bad news is we’re a sitting duck and “wabbit season” just ended, but the good news is the security industry is progressing to meet this real threat to the Church!

ALICE isn’t a movie from your childhood and the problem isn’t make-believe, it’s real, very real and it’s the best thing you can do to prepare your church for an active killer situation.  ALICE is an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate, they are response options everyone has available to them to survive a bad situation.  ALICE is a 1 day training at your church that combines classroom instruction and live-action simulations that prepare your church members and leadership to unlock your options and WIN!

The problem with most trainings in this area is they are all lecture, death by PowerPoint and when you wake up, you’re cured of insomnia!  ALICE is different, it starts off with profoundly simple information and before you can think of hibernating…*BOOM BOOM* shots fired in the hallway!  You hear screaming and think “how ironic is that, a shooting at an active killer training!”.  Then you realize that skit was part of the training and next you’re thrown in a room with a bunch of people from your church, wearing a mask and are told that if you’re smart and use your response options, you’ll survive without being shot by the bad guy with an airsoft pistol.  By the way, don’t be fooled, there’s nothing “soft” about airsoft, those little plastic balls hurt.  One of the cool things with ALICE is you don’t need to know Judo or Karate, you also don’t need to be big or strong, ALICE shows ANYONE how to get the upper hand by working together and channeling your inner MacGyver to think out of the box.

That reminds me, there’s another kink the industry is still working out.  Most training focus on ‘Security People’, ALICE IS FOR THE MASSES!  In fact, it’s probably been taught in your local schools (Age appropriate of course) and it’s even mandated training in several states and government departments & agencies!  It makes sense, ALICE is the number one training in the nation for active killer survival and it’s for good reason, it works!  Ever hear of the mass killing at West Liberty-Salem High School in Ohio on January 20th 2017?  No, there’s a reason for that, ALICE got there first!  Seriously, Google it!

At Landmark Protection believe in what ALICE is doing, so much so, I became one of their certified instructors.  When your day with ALICE is over, you’ll walk away prepared and no longer in fear of the bad guys because you’ve been there, you’ve faced them.  It may be scary, but now you know how to WIN!  You’ll be like Buggs and Daffy, that hunter won’t know what hit him! ?        Sam Brady 3-23-2017

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